How to Reduce the Cost of Your Mobile Phone

A mobile phone is something that many people have. It can be cheap to run if you only keep it for emergencies and us ‘pay-as-you-go’. However, many people are on contracts for their phones and use them for all their calls, texts and using the Internet. This is when it can get expensive and it is worth knowing how you can make sure that these costs do not go out of hand.

Phone cost

The cost of the phone is the first thing to think about. It might be included in your contract or it may not be. Either way you will be paying for it and you need to make sure that you will be getting good value for money. It can be tempting to look at their offers and try to get the latest phone. Everyone wants the latest one of course, but it may not actually be much better. It may have lots of additional features but they may not even be things that you will use. Carefully compare them and consider whether it is really worth getting the latest phone that is really expensive compared with an older model that is cheaper and does virtually the same thing. The latest phone will be out of date as soon as the next one starts being worked on, which is before the latest one is released.

Calls, text and data costs

The cost of the calls, texts and data is also expensive. Often it can be cheaper to use a landline, even though you have to pay line rental as the calls are so much cheaper. You may get ‘free’ calls on your mobile but these are paid for in your contract and so may actually be a lot dearer. It is therefore well worth adding up what you would pay for a landline and home broadband package and compare it to the costs of a mobile phone, data and calls package. It might be cheaper to get a very basic pay as you go phone and just use broadband at home and a landline as much as you can. It depends how often you send texts and use your phone outside of the home.

Compare packages

It is well worth comparing different packages frequently. You will know that there are a selection of different companies that do provide mobile phone deals and they will vary in what they offer and how much they charge. This means that it is a good idea to keep looking to see whether you can get a better deal. Even your own supplier may change what they offer and have some better deals for you so it is always worth having a look around.

Do not try to be the best

It can be tempting to try to be better than your friends and get the latest phone or go with the most trendy provider but if you want to save money then changing can be a really worthwhile thing to do. If you calculate how much you could save in a month and then a year, it may help you to decide that perhaps getting something cheaper could make a significant difference and you could use the saved money to pay off debt, cover the cost of bills or even to save up for a holiday.

Reduce your usage

Using your phone less may be able to save you money too. If you have a pay as you go, you will pay for every text and call, so try to keep them short and use alternatives such as email or a landline if you can. If you have a contract then you may use the phone a lot because you have free minutes However, if you can cut down how much you use it, you will be able to change to a contract where there are less free minutes and it is therefore cheaper. Look at your bills and you will be able to see how much time you are using on your phone and how many texts you are sending as well as your data use. This will enable you to see whether you use everything you are entitled to or whether you could move onto a cheaper contract. You may need to cut down a bit, but this may be possible, depending on how you use your phone.

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