Double Bubble Slots

Popularly known as the one-armed bandit, or the fruit machine, slots have always been a major hit among its players. The original slot machines were found in the land-based casinos where you had to purchase coins, insert it in the slot machine and pull the lever. The reels would start spinning and stop after a pre-determined number of spins, it stops spinning. If lady luck is on the player’s side, then the reels would reveal winning combos. The main object of slot games is to make as much money as possible.

The base of the modern slot games are primarily these traditional slots games themselves. Of course, to make them compatible with the web and more efficient, they may have undergone certain changes, but, they are very minor.

The online gaming casino is flourishing because of these slot games. They are among the most popular games that are played by the members. Hence, you’ll find a lot of slot games are also themed around popular characters, movies and books. The Double Bubble slot game is one such slot game that has found a massive fan following. Straight from the studios of Realistic, slot developer company, Double Bubble slots is a 5-reel and 20 paylines slot game.

The Double Bubble Slot Games Symbols

The symbols form the main part of any slot game. When you start playing the Double Bubble slot game, you’ll be greeted by vibrant and fruity symbols that make it very attractive and pleasing to the eye. Set against a pretty pink background, as the reels spin by, you’ll come across bright red cherries, juicy watermelons, purple plums and grapes, and vibrant oranges. The other regular symbols that form a part of this fruity slot game are one, two and three bars, bells as well as Super 7.

No slot game is complete without their wild symbols. These are the symbols that can make a player win lots of moolah. Bonus Bubble and the Double Bubble Logo are the wild symbols here.

Playing the Double Bubble slot game is very easy provided you understand how all these symbols work. The right combination of all the symbols is what will make you a lot of money. So, let’s take a look at how they function.

Bonus Bubble-Scatter Symbol

Most of the slot games have a scatter symbol. The scatter symbol is quite a cool symbol as it doesn’t need to appear in any order. As the name rightly indicates, these symbols can be scattered anywhere across the five reels in order to form winning combos. The scatter symbol only appears on the odd reels-first, third and fifth. If this symbol appears on all the three reels, then it’s responsible for activating another bonus round called the Bubble Pop Bonus Round.

The Bubble Pop Bonus Round

As already mentioned, the scatter symbol appearing on the first, third and fifth reel simultaneously activates this bonus round. When this round is activated, you’ll be taken to the bonus round’s screen. This is an entirely different screen from the main Double Bubble slot.

On this screen, you’ll be shown three Bonus Bubbles. Behind each bubble will be hidden a coin multiplier value of a random denomination. You’ll need to select any one of them. Whatever is revealed, it will be multiplied by the total bet that you’ve placed before you started playing this bonus round.

Once this round is complete, you’ll automatically be taken to the Double Bubble main screen where you can continue playing the slot game. The amount that you win during your bonus round will be added to your winning total.

The Double Bubble slot game is available at a number of online casinos. You only need to sign up with them to start playing this game.